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Please see Covid-19 policies prior to entering the clinic. 
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 Mission Statement

Our mission is to restore, preserve and enhance the well-being of the whole person.
We are a physical therapist-owned general orthopedic practice, specializing in
performing arts medicine, scoliosis, and lymphedema.

Our highly specialized care combines manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and patient education to get you back to your activities and to prevent and avoid future injury.

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News and Updates

Knee Alignment Training for Dancers


Callan-Harris Physical Therapy is offering a NEW class

Dancers ages 10-18

All dance levels and styles


Improve Turnout

Increase Stability in Turns

Improve Alignment in Jumps


Decrease risk of patellar subluxation, dislocation, and knee pain




Sat 11:15 am-12 pm 

April 10 - May 15



Callan-Harris Physical Therapy

1328 University Ave

Rochester, NY


$15 / class 

$80 for 6 class Session


Space is limited please call to reserve

(585) 482-5060

Focus on:

Knee and pelvic alignment in dance specific activities

Hip strengthening and flexibility

Taught By:  Sarah Jane Carlton PT, DPT, MFA;  Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher, Physical Therapist specializing in Performing Arts Therapy. email sarah@chptusa.com for more information.









We are pleased to announce that we are hosting the Norton School of Lymphdema Therapy certification course at our clinic May 15-23, 2021

Register NOW at www.NortonSchool.com  check for discounts provided on their website 

Class size limited due COVID guidelines

For questions call  Peg Garland PT at 585-482-5060 





Schedule for 2021

Synchronous Virtual Classes for each session is available

Yoga for Posture

Wednesdays 5:30-6:15pm

$80 for 6-week session, $15 for drop-in (call to reserve your space)

These classes are specifically designed to improve posture by increasing body awareness, breath efficiency, and postural strength. Those with chronic scoliosis, osteoporosis, or general back pain will find the classes especially helpful as they perform targeted, low impact yoga poses and breath exercises. To ensure the safety of participants and staff, class size is limited and face masks are required. Call 5885.482.5060 to reserve a spot or for any further inquiry

Taught by Samana Lake, CYT, PT

Posture Perfect Yoga 

Thursdays 5:00-5:30pm

$80 for 6-week session, $15 for drop-in (call to reserve your space)

These classes are a fusion of the best practices in physical therapy, movement and dance, and yoga and mindfulness. Specifically tailored to young adults, they will help establish life-long postural habits and promise to be relaxing and fun! To ensure safety, class sizes are currently limited to 5 in-person and the adornment of face masks is required. Call 585.482.5060 to reserve a spot or for any further inquiry. 

Taught by Samana Lake, CYT, PT


 Teen's Mindful Movement for Scoliosis Class

Saturdays 9:45-10:35am

$80 for 6-week session, $15 for drop-in (call to reserve your space)

This workshop integrates yoga-based postures, breath work, and mindful movements to improve the strength and stability of those with scoliosis. Serving our adolescent community, we are committed to helping teens explore and build greater self-awareness, internal power, and postural regulation. What is learned on the mat can be carried over in daily activities to live and move as our best selves. Call 585.482.5060 to reserve a spot or for further inquiry.

Taught by Tricia Coleman, MS CCC-SLP/L and Facilitated by Sue Callan-Harris MS, PT






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