Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Class days/times may be subject to change. Please call our office before attending a class to be sure our schedule has not changed. Classes that have fewer than five people signed up will be cancelled.

Using a combination of yoga postures, breathing and exercises, the scoliotic curve can become more aligned, and pain can be reduced. This class is specifically designed for the adolescent, whose spinal curves are still forming and can be reversed. Yoga for Scoliosis is taught by Sue Callan-Harris, PT,MS, who is certified in the Schroth Method of Scoliosis Treatment, and Tricia Coleman, a certified Yoga for Scoliosis instructor who has been a scoliosis patient herself.

Instructors: Susan Callan-Harris, PT, MS, CLT and Tricia Coleman, MS CCC-SLP/L
Dates and Times: Fridays, 5:00-6:00 pm

Next session begins January 27, 2017
Cost: $90 for the six-week session


Bad posture? Good posture? PERFECT! Get moving as you learn how your body works to maintain upright and learn how to make gravity easier on your joints and muscles. Discover the natural asymmetries in the human body and how we can correct them through sensory input. This six-week class moves from the core outward, touching on pelvis, hips, shoulders, and neck in order to make you the boss of your body again. This is a group class and is not a substitute for one-to-one evaluation by a physical therapist. If you are having significant pain or functional limitation, we advise you to  please contact our office for an evaluation.

Instructor: Sue Callan-Harris, MS, PT, CLT
Dates and Times: Wednesdays from 10:00-11:00 am OR Thursdays from 5:30-6:30 pm

Next session begins April 3, 2017 for mornings & April 4, 2017 for evenings
Cost: $90 for the six-week session

Using the most recent research on dance therapy medicine available, our staff has developed the Dancer Wellness Initiative specifically for dance teachers. This half-day program has been designed as a complement to the dance teacher's knowledge base. Topics include: Injury prevention strategies for Performance Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (PRMD); Commonly seen PRMDs and treatments; performance enhancement; Conditioning for Dancers; Recognizing when a student would benefit from a medical intervention such as physical therapy.

Call to schedule a workshop for your studio’s teachers or students!
CHPT therapists are available to present one-hour workshops to your faculty and/or students! Topics address injury prevention an performance enhancement through proper, targeted strengthening of: core, hip, ankle & foot; cross-fit for dancers, self-care and more. We can tailor a workshop for your specific needs.
The cost is $75 per one-hour workshop. 


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